Studio Policy



Students are expected to attend all scheduled lessons. You are scheduling a specific time period, on a specific day, each week.

CSOM has a specific number of weeks on the calendar scheduled for each semester and the summer session. Our tuition and enrollment fees are non-refundable and make up lessons are not scheduled, except for teacher absence or inclement weather. Please plan lesson times and social engagements accordingly. In the event that an emergency should take place, please contact your student’s teacher to discuss possible (though not guaranteed) options.


If you know you are going to have a schedule conflict, see about switching lesson times that week with another student. Contact your student’s teacher if you need a schedule of their lesson times and student phone numbers. If you switch lessons with another student, you need to notify your teacher immediately! Under no circumstances will missed lessons be refunded.

Cancelation of make up lessons by the student with less than one day’s notice will not be rescheduled. Failure to show up for your make up lesson will result in forfeiture of the make up.

In the event of inclement weather and Sioux Falls Public Schools cancel classes CSOM will also cancel lessons for that day. If schools are open that day and you feel uncomfortable traveling from out of town, or with your teen driving to lessons, please call your teacher and leave a message. They will be happy to make up that lesson.


If your child is feverish, coughing, wheezing, sneezing, or doing other unpleasant things - PLEASE, don’t bring them to lessons. If your child was not in school that day or came home from school due to illness DO NOT BRING THEM TO LESSONS. Students who come to lessons when sick risk passing on their illness to their instructor and to other students. CSOM teachers reserve the right to send home students who are obviously too ill to participate in a lesson and no make up lesson will be offered.


Prompt drop off and pick up are expected. It is unacceptable for a student to be waiting more than five minutes for the parents to pick them up (unless the teacher has been notified), as we cannot be responsible for the student after their lesson is finished. Parents are welcome to wait in the waiting area.

Case School of Music will not be responsible for students once they leave our facilities. Please tell your children to wait for their ride inside our facilities or the mall.

Case School of Music is not liable for injuries incurred on the school’s or the Western Mall premises.

As a courtesy to the teacher we request two weeks notice if you decide to stop taking lessons. Any remaining lessons in the month of cancelation will not be refunded. You will be considered a student on our schedule until we are notified of the change. Failure to notify us will result in your being charged for the month’s lesson tuition.

Private Lesson Tuition

Weekly 30 minute lessons and twice monthly hour long lessons are $110 monthly (sales tax included). The entire month’s payment is due ON or BEFORE the first day of each month.